By using these elegant bottles, people around the world can transform tap or bottled water that is "dead" into hexagonal "living" water, which is way healthier and more beneficial to their bodies.

Some call this water gem water!

VitaJuwel is the world's only producer of quartz crystal bottles, created specifically to enhance the vitality of drinking water and transform it, naturally, into a water as pure as spring water.

Drinking Water From Our VitaJuwel Bottles Can Change Your Life!

Drew Barrymore loves our bottles. Here's what she wrote on her blog:

"I was so excited to try this!!! My brand new sparkly gold flecked Wellness water bottle ✨

Thank you Vitajuwel for helping me go through my detox easier!!!

I've never been a water drinker, but THANKS TO YOU, I AM DRINKING ALL THE WATER I SHOULD BE, because it tastes amazing.

"After I had my thyroid removed, I decided to start working with the healing energy of crystals in order to keep my body in balance, and that's how I found the Vitajuwel Wellness bottle.

I just turned 43 and I was expecting weight gain, tiredness and weakness, but none of them happened to me! In fact I feel more alive than ever! Thank you Vitajuwel for keeping me young and healthy!"

Jenna Michaels

"A year ago I integrated the Vitajuwel wellness bottle into my daily routine because I knew it can help realign my frequency with its positive energy, and release any physical, emotional and spiritual blockages I had.

I can’t believe how much better my water tastes and how good I feel about myself!

Thank you Vitajuwel for helping me build the self confidence I needed!"

Rachel Vargas


About Us

Our family has lived in Southern Germany for more than ten generations.

We grew up with the tradition of making “good water” with the help of gems. Putting shiny rocks in our carafes for lunch and dinner was an everyday habit.

At one of our famous family meals, back in 2007, one of us had a genius idea. Our father Ewald was simply tired of constantly having to clean the gems after they’ve been sitting in the water for a few days.

No otherworldly vision or spiritual dream. Simple practicability. What followed was the interpretation of age-old recipe for pure water with a “fresh from the spring” quality and taste.

Ewald’s method made it easy to prepare water hygienically, naturally, and sustainably – the VitaJuwel way.  

We have come a long way, from Ewald spending long nights designing the first Gemstone Bottle, to a business that ships their products from Scheidegg, German to more than 60 countries.

When we partnered with Masato Emoto in 2012, more and more people started to believe in the VitaJuwel concept of creating Heavenly Water.

Our goal is to help you to fall in love with the water you drink!